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  • Hong Kong
    Amy 20y PXXU
    The tuition is too expensive, and it’s not convenient to go to and from class. You can only rent an apartment and have a monthly fee
    After I met Daddy, he helped me rent a small suite on the mountain and also helped me pay for the tuition. It feels so good that I don’t have to worry about rent anymore.
  • Taiwan
    Cindy 22y NXU
    Although admitted to a first-class university
    But the tuition fees are also top-notch. Since I met Daddy, I not only don’t have to worry about tuition fees, but I also have more free time
    Save time for part-time work, take more courses, and have more time for me to learn different fields of expertise
    Dadddy is also very good to me, not only gives me pocket money every month, but also takes me to eat various foods
  • Taiwan
    VIVI 18y FXU
    Just admitted to university this year
    The tuition fees of private schools make me breathless. I can’t take care of my studies and part-time jobs. Sometimes I even forget that I am a student for part-time work.
    Fortunately, I’m on aSugarEDU website, let me say goodbye to the student loan
Sugar Daddy
You are generous, generous and respectful of female college students, and want to meet the best girl. We call you Sugar Daddy here. No matter what your needs are, as long as you are willing to help her complete her studies, your expectations will be met and you can find them right away The ideal date.
Looking for Sugar Baby who wants to be fostered
Sugar Baby
You must be full of charm, extremely smart, ambitious and have goals, but you may be under heavy pressure. You are here to express your needs generously. You have always wanted to be taken care of by people with financial means? SugarDaddy here is willing to help You complete your dream, register now, and you can immediately enjoy the feeling of being taken care of.
Looking for Sugar Daddy to support me
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aSugarEDU Sweetheart Girls College has high-end people from all walks of life. It breaks through the traditional dating model and uses the roles of "SugarDaddy" and "SugarBaby" to formulate and improve the standards of members, so that both parties have more expectations for dating.
Targeted dating
SugarBaby of aSugarEDU always seeks real relationship, guidance and support. There is no "typical" Sugar Baby, because anyone seeking a date can help them achieve their goals. Since all users are looking for a relationship established on your terms, aSugarEDU is transparent and open, and usually brings sincere love and long-term commitment.
About aSugarEDU
aSugarEDU is the latest and most popular online dating mechanism. It’s no secret that all our female members must be college or higher students. SugarDaddy of aSugarEDU can help the baby reduce his tuition and daily expenses before graduation. Establishing a SugarBaby network, you can be sure that aSugarEDU is the number one website, and you will find relationships based on your conditions.
How to interpret SugarBaby
Provide relationships according to our terms. Here, SugarBaby can enjoy an exquisite dinner, get a full commitment and pay for your tuition and living expenses, so you can concentrate on your schoolwork.